Computação Gráfica

Computação Gráfica


Abel Gomes
Associate Professor
Gab. 3.26, Fase VI
Departamento of Informática
Universidade da Beira Interior
6200-001 Covilhã
tel: +351 275 319 891
fax: +351 275 319 899


--- (May.19, 2019)
--- The 2nd test grades will not be published today!
--- (Apr. 28, 2019)
--- For personal reasons, the instructor will not be able to teach tomorrow (Monday). However, the 2nd exam will take place at 18:00 in amphiteather 6.1.
--- (Apr. 22, 2019)
--- The theoretical materials to study to next written test are the following: T05, T06, T07, and T08.
--- The practical materials to study to next written test are those given in labs, as well as the exercises of the fisrt two chapters of the book available at OpenGL Shading Language Cookbook, 2nd Edition --- (Apr. 20, 2019)
--- 1st Test Grades
--- (Apr. 15, 2019)
T08: Illumination.
P08: Exercises with direct illumination.
--- (Apr. 8, 2019)
T--: 1st project discussion
P07: 1st project discussion
--- (Apr. 1, 2019)
T07: Image Formation.
T06: Color, Perception, and Imaging.
P06: More exercises with 3D affine transformations.
--- (Mar. 25, 2019)
T05: 3D Projections and Scenes.
P05: Exercises with 3D affine transformations.
--- (Mar. 23, 2019)
--- Examples of Tests
--- (Mar. 18, 2019)
T04: Windows and Viewports.
P04: More exercises with 2D affine transformations.
--- (Mar. 11, 2019)
T03: Geometric Tranformations.
P03: Exercises with 2D affine transformations.
--- (Mar. 10, 2019)
The pdf file concerning the P01 has changed.
--- (Mar. 05, 2019)
The pdf file concerning the P01 has changed.
--- (Mar. 04, 2019)
Projects out! See below. Please, inform the instructor about your group (maximum 3) until the end of this week. The selection of the project will be done in a FIFO basis, but this does not mean you are going to do the project of your choice.
--- (Mar. 04, 2019)
T02: Geometry Basics.
P02: Getting started with OpenGL and GLFW.
--- (Fev. 25, 2019)
T01: Raster imaging.
P01: Getting started with OpenGL and GLFW.
--- (Fev. 18, 2019)
Course starts off. Planning of teaching-learning process.

Goals and Objectives

The general objectives of this course unit are: Regarding the specific objectives of this course unit, after the learning process, students should be able at least to:




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Installing Modern OpenGL 3.0+

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