Mário M. Freire
         Full Professor (Professor Catedrático)

           Department of Computer Science, University of Beira Interior
           Rua Marquês de Ávila e Bolama, 6201-001 Covilhã, Portugal

           E-mail addresses: mfreire(at)computer.org  or  mfreire(at)acm.org  or  mario(at)di.ubi.pt

EducationResearch AreasMyself
5-Year B.S., Electrical Engineering, University of Coimbra, 1992.
2-Year M.S., Systems and Automation, University of Coimbra, 1994.
Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, University of Beira Interior, 2000.
Habilitation, Computer Science, University of Beira Interior, 2007.
Computer Systems and Networks (general)
Network forensics, Peer-to-peer networks
Security and privacy in computer systems
Infrastructure virtualization, Cloud systems
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Research Group
Instituto de Telecomunicações
MSP-Covilhã Group

Framework for Modeling and
Simulation of Cloud Computing
Infrastructures and Services

Open Source Software


ORCIP-Optical Radio Convergence
Infrastructure for Communications and
Power Delivering
, 2017-2020

TRAMANET–Traffic and Trust Management in
Peer-to-Peer Networks
, 2008-2011 (PI)

Strategic Project-LA 8-2013-2014
Strategic Project-LA 8-2011-2012
CONDENSA–IPv4/IPv6-Compliant Optical Burst
Switching Network Design with Enhanced
Signaling Architectures
, 2005-2007 (PI)
Computing and Scientific Instrumentation
System for Research on Advanced Networks
and Multimedia Communications, 2005-2009 (PI)    

HIPERCAMBIO-High Performance Computing
Applied to Medical Data and Bioinformatics
MSFT-Microsoft Portugal, 2007-2011 (Co-PI)

OBS-Optical Burst Switching, 2005-2008 (Co-PI)
Siemens/Nokia Siemens Networks
Eugénio Manuel, PhD, Candidate
André Prata, PhD, Portugal Telecom, Candidate
Vanice Cunha, PhD, UF Mato Grosso (Brazil), Candidate
Vinicius Rios, PhD, IFTO Tocantins (Brazil), Candidate
Manoel Filho, PhD, IFTO Tocantins (Brazil), Candidate
Angela Oliveira, PhD, 2015, IP Castelo Branco
Filipe Soares, PhD, 2014, Fraunhofer Portugal
João Gomes, PhD, 2012, SimCorp (Denmark)
Pedro Inácio, PhD, 2009, UBI
Nuno Garcia, PhD, 2008, UBI
Joel Rodrigues, PhD, 2006, UBI
Evaldo Chindele, MS, Candidate
André Louro, MS, Candidate
Ricardo Oliveira, MS, Candidate
Luzimira Ribeiro , MS, Candidate
Isabel Bongo, MS, Candidate
Bruno Carneiro, MS, Candidate
Raysa Oliveira, MS, Candidate
André Prata, MS, 2013, Portugal Telecom
Nuno Marques, MS, 2012, Portugal Telecom
André Esteves, MS, 2011, Flo-culture (UK)
Rui Braz, MS, 2010, PhD Student UBI
Fábio Beirão, MS, 2010, Coolblue (Netherlands)
Marisa Quaresma, MS, 2009, Johnson Matthey (UK)
David Carvalho, MS, 2009, UBI
Rui Pereira, MS, 2006, ES Castelo de Paiva

Teaching, Training and Advising

University ManagementUsefull Links
Advanced Topics in Computer Science & Engineering,PhD, Fall
Advanced Topics in Peer-to-Peer Networks, PhD, Fall
Topics on Architectures for Cloud Computing, PhD, Fall
Thesis Project and Seminar, PhD, Spring
Networked Systems Administration, MS, Fall
Cloud Computing, MS, Spring
Cloud Technologies and Datacenter, MS, Spring
Cloud Services and Interfaces, BS, Spring
How to Study: A Brief Guide | How to Become a Hacker.
President, Senate Disciplinary Section, 2009–2014, 2014–2017
Dean, Faculty of Engineering, UBI, 2009–2013, 2013–2017
Director, Centre for Computer Science, UBI, 2009–2013
Member, Statute Assembly, UBI, 2007–2008
Chair, Department of Computer Science, UBI, 2004–2006, 2006–2009
Member, University Assembly, UBI, 2002–2006, 2006–2008
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“One of the problems of being a pioneer is you always make mistakes and I never, never want to be a pioneer. It’s always best to come second when you can look at the mistakes the pioneers made”.

Seymour Cray (1925-1996), Public Lecture at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories on the introduction of the CRAY-1, 1976.
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