Pedro R. M. Inácio

Pedro R. M. Inácio

Head of the Department of Computer Science @ UBI
Instructor @ UBI Cisco Academy
Researcher @ IT

Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering
5-years B.Sc. in Mathematics / Computer Science
IEEE Senior Member

 S E C U R I o T E S I G N 

Towards the assurance of SECURity by dESIGN of the IoT
Project Leader | More in the website, twitter and research gate.
Project started in 1 July 2018.


The 18th IEEE International Symposium
on Network Computing and Applications

TPC member | More in here.


The 3rd International Workshop on Security and
Forensics of IoT |
Track Chair | More in here.


Sessão de Segurança de Sistemas de
Computadores e Comunicações

Coordenador de Sessão | Mais aqui.

WSDF 2019

The 11th International Workshop on Digital Forensics
TPC member | More in here.

ACM SAC 2019

The 34th ACM Symposium on Applied Computing
Track on Networking (NET)

TPC member | More in here.

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