Project BioRec - Non-Cooperative Multimodal Biometric Recognition
PTDC/EIA/69106/2006, financed by FCT, COMPETE and FEDER.

Start date: 2007-10-15
End date: 2011-03-31
Financing: 130.000 €

Host Institution: University of Beira Interior (UBI)
The project is being develop in the SOCIA Lab (Department of Informatics).


The goal of the project is the development of a system for recognizing people at a distance without their cooperation, using iris and face (on the visible and infrared) detection and recognition techniques. The project has developed new methods for:
  • iris segmentation in the visible wavelength
  • iris recognition in the visible wavelength
  • real-time face detection in the visible wavelength
  • face segmentation in the visible and far infrared
  • face recognition in visible wavelength
  • motion tracking in the far infrared
  • gender recognition from visible wavelength face images


  • Luís Filipe Barbosa de Almeida Alexandre (project coordinator)
  • Pedro Domingues de Almeida
  • Hugo Pedro Martins Carriço Proença
  • Francisco Catarino
  • Ricardo Santos
  • Gil Santos
  • João Oliveira
  • Sílvio Brás Filipe
  • Tiago Velho
  • Rui Silva
  • Chandrashekhar Padole
  • Emundo Hoyle
  • Rui Raposo
  • Diogo Correia


The following is the list of publications that originated from BioRec.

MSc Thesis

  1. Gil Santos
    "Non-cooperative Iris Recognition"
    UBI, August 2009
  2. Francisco Catarino
    "Segmentação da íris em imagens com ruído "
    UBI, August 2009
  3. Sílvio Filipe
    "Segmentação de Faces em Imagens no Infravermelho Térmico"
    UBI, July 2010

International Journals

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International Conferences

  1. Padole, C.N., Alexandre, L.A.
    Motion based Particle Filter for Human Tracking with Thermal Imaging
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  5. Gil Santos and Hugo Proença
    On the Role of Interpolation in the Normalization of Non-Ideal Visible Wavelength Iris Images
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