Uses of Class

Packages that use Text
hultig.align This package gathers the sequence alignment algorithms used in other classes, specially those in the hultig.sumo package. 
hultig.sumo This is the library's core package, containing the fundamental classes for handling text, namely Word, Sentence, and Text

Uses of Text in hultig.align

Methods in hultig.align with parameters of type Text
static void NWunsch.computeAlignOut(Text txt, int idpar)
static void SWaterman.printParaAligns(Text txt)
          INTRODUZIDO POR JPC OLD METHOD ==> vertical print.
static void SWaterman.printParaAlignsHoriz(Text txt)
          Introduced by JPC

Uses of Text in hultig.sumo

Methods in hultig.sumo with parameters of type Text
 void Text.add(Text t)
          Adds all the sentences contained in another Text object, to this text.
 void CorpusIndex.addText(Text txt)
          Incrementally adds the words of a given Text to this corpora index.
 double Text.similarity(Text othr)
          Computes a lexical similarity between two texts, based on local evidence.