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Packages that use CorpusIndex
hultig.align This package gathers the sequence alignment algorithms used in other classes, specially those in the hultig.sumo package. This package contains several "tools" for easing the file input/output processes, which in Java is a bit "bureaucratic". 
hultig.sumo This is the library's core package, containing the fundamental classes for handling text, namely Word, Sentence, and Text

Uses of CorpusIndex in hultig.align

Methods in hultig.align that return CorpusIndex
 CorpusIndex NWunsch.getDict()

Methods in hultig.align with parameters of type CorpusIndex
static void SWaterman.printParaAlignsHoriz(int[] v1, int[] v2, CorpusIndex dict)
          Introduced by JPC
 void NWunsch.setDic(CorpusIndex dict)
 void SWaterman.setDictionary(CorpusIndex dictionary)

Constructors in hultig.align with parameters of type CorpusIndex
SWaterman(int[] vs1, int[] vs2, CorpusIndex dict)
          JPC - Para vectores representando frases.
SWaterman(int[] vs1, int[] vs2, CorpusIndex dict, int[] vkeyws)

Uses of CorpusIndex in

Methods in that return CorpusIndex
 CorpusIndex FileNewsCluster.getDictionary()
          Gives the reference to the corpus index used in this object.

Uses of CorpusIndex in hultig.sumo

Methods in hultig.sumo that return CorpusIndex
static CorpusIndex CorpusIndex.codifyOnFly(Sentence... sentences)
          Codification "on the fly" for a given array of sentences.
 CorpusIndex Text.getCorpusIndex()
          Gives the reference of the corpus index stored in this object, an possibly used to codify the text.

Methods in hultig.sumo with parameters of type CorpusIndex
 void NewsCluster.codify(CorpusIndex dict)
 void ParaphAlignPair.codify(CorpusIndex dic)
          Codifies the aligned sentences according to a given corpus index.
 void Sentence.codify(CorpusIndex dic)
          Codifies this sentence according to a given previously processed dictionary.
 void Text.codify(CorpusIndex idx)
          Codifies every word from this text uppon a given corpus index (CorpusIndex).
 void CorpusIndex.load(CorpusIndex d)
          Redefines this corpus index, based on an already existing one.
 void Sentence.toLowerCase(CorpusIndex dic)
          Converts every word to lower case and redefines each word's lexical code, basesd on a supplied dictionary.