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gsac federated at It takes a while...

SETUP the machine

To run the mysqlserver
$ su root
password xyx
# /etc/init.d/mysqld start
Also run this command
# /usr/bin/mysql_upgrade
And install anything else we may need
# yum install MySQL-python python-storm-mysql subversion tomcat

Get The Code
See the Source Forge Web site : source forge web site
Use this line command
$ svn checkout gsac-code

OR to be a bit quicker. This is the gsac 971 sourceforge snapshot from 1 April 2014 Just click to download 90MB from a local site
Then run
$ unzip

You can use the Sql graphical WorkBench from the activities menu and then aplications. A sampel sql script is on the GSAC install web page to install the GSAC Prototype Database.