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hultig.sumo This is the library's core package, containing the fundamental classes for handling text, namely Word, Sentence, and Text

Uses of Word in hultig.sumo

Fields in hultig.sumo declared as Word
 Word[] XBubble.WL
 Word[] XBubble.WR
 Word[][] XBubble.WX

Methods in hultig.sumo that return Word
 Word Chunk.get(int i)
          Gives the word at a given position, from the chunk's sequence of words.

Methods in hultig.sumo with parameters of type Word
 void Sentence.addWord(Word w)
          Append a new word to this sentence.
 double Word.connectProb(Word w)
          Similar to costAlign but inverted and normalized in the [0, 1] interval.
 double Word.costAlign(Word w)
          Cost of aligning two words.
 double Word.distcos(Word w)
          Another lexical metric, based on the cosine.
 double Sentence.distlex(Word w)
          The minumum lexical distance of a word to any word in this sentence.
 float Word.distlex(Word w)
          Calls "distlex(word.toString(), w.toString(), 2f)"
 float Word.distlex(Word w, float q)
          Calls "distlex(word.toString(), w.toString(), q)"
 double Word.dnormEditDistance(Word w)
          Computes a normalized Edit Distance of two words.
 int Word.editDistance(Word w)
          Calls the method "editDistance(this.toString(), w.toString())"
 int Word.editProximity(Word w)
          The Edit Distance complement.
 boolean Word.equals(Word w)
          Equality test for two words, this and the other one.
static int ParaphAlignPair.numTrueWords(Word[] v)
          Count the number of true words, contained in a given array of words.
static int XBubble.numVoids(Word[] W)
static int XBubble.numWords(Word[] W)
static String Word.words2StringPOS(Word[] words, POSType post)
          Transform an array of words into a single string, with each word concatenated with its POS tag.

Constructors in hultig.sumo with parameters of type Word
XBubble(Word[] wL, Word[][] wX, Word[] wR)
XBubble(Word[] wL, Word[][] wX, Word[] wR)
XBubble(Word[] wL, Word[][] wX, Word[] wR)