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hultig.sumo This is the library's core package, containing the fundamental classes for handling text, namely Word, Sentence, and Text

Uses of POSType in hultig.sumo

Fields in hultig.sumo declared as POSType
 POSType XBubble.POST

Methods in hultig.sumo that return POSType
 POSType XBubbleList.getPOSType()

Methods in hultig.sumo with parameters of type POSType
 void ParaphAlignPair.align(POSType postype)
          Uses the Needleman Wunsch algorithm for globally align the paraphrasic sentences of this class.
 void ParaphAlignPair.codifyChunks(POSType postype)
          Codifies the chunks of the aligned sentences according to a given part-of-speech tag set.
 String[] ParaphAlignPair.colorizedChunks(POSType post)
          Gives the string pair containing this alignment, marked with XML chromatic tags.
 void XBubbleList.genMidPOSCorp(String fname, POSType post)
 void XBubbleList.genMidPOSCorp(String fname, POSType post, int sizex)
 int[] XBubble.getOrdArray(POSType pos)
 String Word.getPOS(POSType post)
 String XBubble.neg_instance(String pos_instance, POSType pos)
 String XBubble.pos_instance(int size_context, POSType pos, int maxX)
          Devolve a bolha em forma de instância.
 void Word.posLabel(POSType post)
 void XBubble.posLabel(POSType post)
 void XBubbleList.posLabel(POSType post)
 boolean XBubble.print_ILP_instance(int id, POSType pos, PrintStream out)
          Atalho, para bolhas com qualquer comprimento.
 boolean XBubble.print_ILP_instance(int id, POSType pos, PrintStream out, int xsize)
          Imprime a bolha no formato adequado ao Aleph.
 void XBubble.print_instance(int size_context, POSType pos, int maxX)
 void XBubble.print_neg_instance(String pos_instance, POSType pos)
 String Word.toStringPOS(POSType postype)
          Similar to the toStringPOS() method, except that the part-of-speech representation is passed by parameter.
static String Word.words2StringPOS(Word[] words, POSType post)
          Transform an array of words into a single string, with each word concatenated with its POS tag.

Constructors in hultig.sumo with parameters of type POSType
XBubble(String sfmt, POSType pos)
          Para facilitar a definição de bolhas, no código.
XBubble(String sL, String[] sX, String sR, POSType pos)
XBubbleList(POSType pos)