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Packages that use NewsCluster This package contains several "tools" for easing the file input/output processes, which in Java is a bit "bureaucratic". 
hultig.sumo This is the library's core package, containing the fundamental classes for handling text, namely Word, Sentence, and Text

Uses of NewsCluster in

Methods in that return NewsCluster
 NewsCluster FileNewsCluster.getNewsCluster(int index)

Methods in that return types with arguments of type NewsCluster
 ArrayList<NewsCluster> FileNewsCluster.getNewsClusters()
          Gives the list of news clusters in this object.

Methods in with parameters of type NewsCluster
 boolean FileNewsCluster.readCluster(BufferedReader br, NewsCluster cluster)
          Reads a given news cluster, from the current file reader (BufferedReader).

Uses of NewsCluster in hultig.sumo

Methods in hultig.sumo with parameters of type NewsCluster
 boolean NewsClusterList.readCluster(BufferedReader br, NewsCluster cluster)
          Read the next news cluster, from the current reader, given by @param br.