Abel J.P. Gomes
         Associate Professor (Professor Associado)

           Department of Computer Science, University of Beira Interior
           Rua Marquês de Ávila e Bolama, 6201-001 Covilhã, Portugal

           E-mail addresses: agomes(at)di.ubi.pt  or  mosqueteer(at)gmail.com  or  abel.gomes(at)acm.org

EducationResearch AreasMyself
B.Eng., Electrical Engineering, University of Coimbra, Portugal, 1987.
M.Sc. (equivalent), Mathematics and Computer Graphics, University of Coimbra, Portugal, 1992.
Ph.D., Geometric Modeling and Computing, Brunel University, London, UK, 2000.
Habilitation, Computer Science and Engineering, IST, University of Lisbon, Portugal, 2013.
Geometric Computing
Computer Graphics
Molecular Graphics and Visualization
Computer Games
Bio Sketch

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Research Center/Group
Instituto de Telecomunicações
NAP-Cv Group
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AMOP - Algorithms for Macro-Molecular Pocket
Detection, 2015/16

Strategic Project-LA 8, 2013/14

Strategic Project-LA 8, 2011/12

MOGGY—A Browser-Based Massive Multiplayer
Online Game Engine Architecture, 2008/11 (PI)

Computing and Scientific Instrumentation
System for Research on Advanced Networks
and Multimedia Communications, 2005/09

STEINER — Geometric Engine of Inhomogeneous
Implicit Surfaces with Singularities, 2005/07 (PI)

inTact – Exploiting Multi-touch and Gestural
Interfaces in Real Environments with Virtual
Augmentation, 2010/11 (PI)

Sérgio Dias (Molecular Segmentation, GPU Computing)
Ana Mafalda Martins (Computational Geometry)

Tiago Miguel Carrola Simões, PhD, candidate
Gonçalo Nuno Vinhas Leitão, PhD, candidate
Quoc Trong Nguyen, PhD, candidate
Marco Grinet, PhD, candidate
João Miguel Coronha Correia, PhD, candidate
Orlando Ricardo Esteves Pereira, PhD, candidate

João Silva, MSc, Porto, PT
Gonçalo Amador, PhD, 2017, Amaris, Portugal
Madalena Ribeiro, PhD, 2017, Inst. Pol. Castel. Branco, PT
Rui Cardoso, PhD, 2017, Univ. Beira Interior, PT
Nelson Antunes, PhD, 2016, Inst. Pol. Castel. Branco, PT
Dagmawi Gobena, PhD, 2016, Univ. Addis Ababa, ET
Rui Pedro Duarte, PhD, 2016, Inst. Pol. Viseu, PT
Rui Sérgio Rodrigues, PhD, 2016, Inst. Pol. Viseu, PT
Sérgio Dias, PhD, 2015, Inst. Telecomunicações, PT
Adriano Raposo, PhD, 2015, Univ. Beira Interior, PT
Quyen Trong Nguyen, PhD, 2014, Univ. Minho, PT
João Muranho, PhD, 2012, Univ. Beira Interior, PT
Frutuoso Silva, PhD, 2006, Univ. Beira Interior, PT
José Morgado, PhD, 2006, Inst. Pol. Viseu, PT
Paulo Moura, PhD, 2003, Univ. Beira Interior, PT

Teaching, Training and Advising Academic and Scientific Management Useful Links
Programming, BSc, Fall
Computer Graphics, BSc, Spring
Topics in Computer Graphics, PhD, Fall
Seminar in Geometric Computing, PhD, Fall
How to Study: A Brief Guide | How to Become a Hacker.

President, Council of Faculty of Engineering, UBI, 2017/21
President, Eurographics Portuguese Chapter, 2012/16
Counsellor, General Council, UBI, 2009–2013, 2013/14
Director, Instituto de Telecomunicações, Covilhã, 2004/14
Head and Co-Founder, Department of Computer Science, UBI, 2002/04, 2009/13

Last update: February 17, 2019.