Since the time of Alan Turing, about 70 years ago, a long and exciting journey has been taken in the discipline of Computer Science. From the ENIAC until the modern Artificial Intelligence paradigms, several relevant theoretical and practical milestones have been overcome. Despite all of that, our current perspective still remains close to the original Turing's view:

"(...) We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done (...)"
Alan Turing

In fact, a lot remains to be done! In our department we are engaged in a high quality teaching and a state of the art research, from a high variety of fields.

Main Research Interests

In my case, I am specially, but not exclusively, concerned with the following main topics:


João Paulo Cordeiro
Assistant Professor

Department of Informatics
University of Beira Interior
6200-001 Covilhã, Portugal