Personal info 


Pedro Domingues de Almeida



Academic formation:
Graduation in "Electrotechnical engineering" from the University of Coimbra.
MSc. in "Information systems and technologies" also from the University of Coimbra.
PhD. in "Information systems engineering" from the Universidade da Beira Interior (UBI).

Current activities:
Teaching at the "Departamento de Informática" (Computer Science Department) of the UBI.
Researcher in the "Socia Lab" (Soft Computing and Image Analysis Laboratory), in UBI.

Currently teaching:

Several courses in computer engineering and computer science.

I am also supervising several students' research activities.

Research activities:
I am interested in the integration of Domain Knowledge in the process of Knowledge Discovery in Databases.

I try to apply that research to financial data mining for prediction of future stocks, indexes and commodities trends. I have applied similar methods to weather forecast.

I am also interested in the combination of approaches based on Expert Systems and other methods of Artificial Intelligence (including, as an example, Multistrategy Learning).

I have been working in these integrated approaches applied to practical problems of image analysis.

At the moment, I am also doing some research in the computer game area, in particular in BBMMOGs (Browser-Based Massive Multiplayer Online Games).

I am also interested in other fields, less directly related to information sciences.

These include the study of the global situation in regard to energy supply, in particular the world supply of fossil liquid fuels (the global peak of oil production (“Peak Oil”) seems to be getting near…). And I cooperate in research related to several forms of electricity production from renewable energy (in particular, at the moment, I am working in Compressed Air Energy Storage).

Recent research is described here. Some papers are available online.

Science divulgation activities:
Public divulgation presentations/activities are described here.

Other interests:
Stock market and commodities investing, computer strategy games, cats, music, mexican food, ski, judo, paintball, science fiction, lighter than air flying machines.