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Current Research Areas:

- e-Health and Mobile Health;
- Wireless Sensor Networks and Body Sensor Networks;
- Delay Tolerant Networks and Vehicular Networks;
- Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing;
- Mobile and Cloud Computing.


Scientific Associations:

- Senior Member of the Portuguese Order of Engineers - Informatics Engineering College.

- Senior Member of ACM - Association for Computer Machinery; SIGCOMM; SIGecom; SIGGROUP; SIGWEB

- Senior Member of IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

- Senior Member of IEEE Communications Society

- Senior Member of IEEE Computer Society

- Senior Member of IEEE Education Society

- IARIA Fellow

- Member of the Internet Society

- Member of APPIA - Portuguese Association For Artificial Intelligence



- Futsal
- Music
- Travelling

Main Interests :

- Family
- Sports, in particular, associated of the Glorious SLB


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